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Royal mail Tracking

Royal mail tracking is the Most popular courier services available in the UK (United Kingdom). Only UK royal mail service is the most largest reach in U.K courier. The Royal Mail service was first made available to the public by Charles on 31 July 1635, with postage being paid by the recipient. In December 1839, the first substantial reform started when postage rates were revised by the short-lived  You Can say Royal Mail is the worlds oldest Postal service available.

Royal Mail tracking is an easy and the fastest tracking solution available because it can trace by its Mobile applicatuon as well named “Tracked Parcels”.

What is Royal Mail Tracking Number?

  • Royal mail Tracking number and Royal mail Reference number are same. It is a mention on the postage receipt or the on the note received by the sender from Royal mail.
  • Royal mail numbers looks like other courier or postal service combination mixture of the alphabets and numbers.
  • Some time Royal mail tracking number start from number or some time its start from the alphabets.

Royal Mail tracking number Format Example

  • $$%%%%%%%%%$$ ($= Alphabet,%= Numbers) i.e. PL454545856KL
  • %%%%%%$%%$% ($= Alphabet,%= Numbers) i.e. 458967B87F9
  • %%%%$$$$%%%%%%%$% ($= Alphabet,%= Numbers)
  • %$%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% ($= Alphabet,%= Numbers)
  • %%%%%%%%%%%%%%$%$%% ($= Alphabet,%= Numbers)

Royal Mail International Tracking

The mail if you done with Royal mail you can get the mind peace. There are following features why the international tracking with Royal Mail is too good and super fast.

How much Delivery time of International Royal mail?

The delivery time will be world wide Royal mail international in Maximum 5-7 business days. The customer can get the Royal mail International tracking up to the delivery point. It is very easy as superfast.

Can Customer Get the online delivery status of Royal mail?

Customer can get easily delivery status online regularly up to the delivery point of the International courier.

How the Royal Mail international Return for Undelivered Item?

The Royal mail Delivery period is for Attempt Delivery regularly up to 18 Business days. Or in special case some time when the some amount like custom and other stamp paid charges occurred on parcel Royal Mail service wait up to 21 Business days. Royal mail service wait for the Redelivery of the Parcel or mail When no body at home and parcel size is bigger the the letter box. Also if there are no neighbor available to collect the material, Royal mail Return the Mail or Parcel and it is done with no cost.

Is there Royal Mail International Compensation Available?

The Royal mail International Compensation available if damage or the lost of the package done in transit. Up to £50 available for Royal mail in regular cases when there are lack of evidence available to create lost package value high. In some case of Royal mail International service if any evidence available then Additional £250 provided by the Royal mail or whichever is less the parcel value or the £250.

Which Countries have faster delivery by Royal mail?

There are some Countries available when the delivery can be done within 3-4 days which is very fast then other services. The Countries are Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Austria and Luxembourg .

The Royal Mail Redelivery

Sometime Royal mail delivery not possible when no one available at home including neighbors. Also when you are not available at home your neighbors refuse to take your mail or parcel. Also when your letterbox size is too small for your parcel. So the Royal mail done the redelivery at no cost

Royal mail redelivery provided at your other address also if you are not available at your current address with no cost. But your address should be in the same post code area.

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