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DHL Shipment on Hold- Do Not Panic

If your DHL Shipment is on Hold you received this massage from DHL Services i.e. “DHL Shipment on hold”.

Now what to do? so please here we give you a massage please “Do not panic”. Your DHL Shipment will be release soon.

DHL Shipment can hold any how, whatever the reason the user do not know the reason behind it before DHL massage received by the user “Shipment on Hold”. The user can only do something about it once they got the proper information regarding the shipment on hold. When the factor beyond the control of the user they have to depend on the DHL.

Here you can find what is the reason behind your shipment got stuck during the transit time.

Once DHL Shipment one hold its look like below image.

What Can be the Main reasons For DHL Shipment Hold?

DHL Shipment stopped during the transit from origin place to destination place. That is called the DHL Shipment on hold. Do not panic it will release once the problem of hold shipment solve.

It can be hold from any reason. Following are the reason

  1. Documents have some issue during the transit time.
  2. Properly the Shipment not packed.
  3. Shipment have wrong address mention.
  4. Lack of Information about the Address location
  5. Due to Weather condition
  6. Any Natural calamities at destination point.
  7. Custom clearance problems
  8. Sender or Receiver full information not given

Generally the DHL Shipment on hold due to address issues or the Destination area’s local problems which affect the delivery.

DHL Shipment on Hold What does it Means?

DHL Shipment on Hold means if your parcel stopped during the Delivery period i.e. Transporting from one destination to another destination and the receiver does not find or trace the parcel it means your parcel is on Hold.

It can be hold with plenty of reason but you no need to worry. DHL Itself taking care of the parcel and whatever the problem is happen during the period of the parcel transportation they resolve it. And try to delivered the parcel at the destination.

Your shipment can be held in DHL because of incomplete documentation, which might have obstructed the handling. In view of what the shipment contains, exhaustive documentation might be needed to clear and get the bundle delivered..

DHL Shipment on Hold- Steps to follow

If you received a massage that your DHL Parcel is on Hold the 1st thing is in your mind what to do. Here are solution which you have to follow to make delivered your stopped parcel.

  1. Step-1 Once you received the Massage from DHL Find out on DHL tracking actual your parcel on hold or not.
  2. Step-2 Once you Find on tracking site as showing above image the shipment on hold so you have to called the Courier toll free number. i.e. if your are in Uk Please call on (0)2476937770
  3. Step-3 Ask them about the shipment on hold
  4. Step-4 Follow up the procedure if is under your control.
  5. Step-5 If Not in your control ask about the procedure to follow or waiting time.

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